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Areas of Practice

01. Banking Law, Securities, & Financial Law 02. Construction Law
03. Corporate Law 04. International Trading’s agreements

1. Banking Law, Securities, & Financial Law: Our office acts on behalf of major financial institutions and banks. We represent our clients in major cases involving matters of international and local credit, mergers and acquisitions, loan syndication, capital market and securities, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, mortgages and pledges. Top

2. Construction Law: Our office represents several construction companies in Lebanon with branches all over the Arab world. This has allowed us to develop a considerable experience in the field of construction law. We also represent our clients in negotiating B.O.T, B.O.L.T, and B.O.O.T Contracts. Top

3. Corporate Law: We advice our clients on documents needed for establishing companies and branches, subsidiaries or international corporate structures. We give advice on day to day matters, attend Board of directors and shareholders meetings, and obtain and register official authorizations and licenses. Top

4. International Trading’s agreements: The office provides an integrated service for drafting agreement related to international trading and conducting the negotiations required, managing the process. Top